Supported Missionaries

Name Area of Service or Ministry
Abrams, Jimmy & Priscilla Tanzania
Daugherty, Chad & Judi Ivory Coast
Deisher, John & Kathy Chi Alpha, Oklahoma State University
Fauss, Joe & Charlotte Calvary Comission
Ferguson, Rich & Wanda Panama, Latin American, Caribbean
Fogleman, Adam & Alecia Namibia
Godwin, Bob & Chrissy Estonia
Gomez, Brian & Ruthie Spain
James, Mike & Anita European Missionary Development
Koepp, Aaron & Nanette France/Europe
Lafon, Robert & Edie AGWM Support Team
Lungu, John & Adriana Moldova
Madrid, Josh & Amy Moldova
Martin , Duane & Julia Mexico
Nelson, Becky Chi Alpha, Chicago
Newman, Brandon & Melissa Scotland
Porter, David & Phyllis France/Network 211
Randolph, Mike & Rosemary Rodeo Chaplains
Reeves, Sharon Germany
Rice, Ronnie & Rhonda Portugal
Teague, Brent & Shelley Ivory Coast
Teague, Tim & Kristy Ivory Coast
Timmerman, Nathan & Cindy Chaplaincy
Trimm, Jacob & Kristin Japan
Walker, Daren & Heidi Teen/Life Challenge, Dallas TX
Watson, Marie Viet Nam
Williams, Aaron & Emily Germany
CS Food Pantry (local ministry)
Maoz Israel
Pleasant Hills Children's Home
School of Christ - Israel, Abiding Life
Southwestern Assemblies of God University

First Assembly of God also supports four other missionaries who are serving in sensitive countries or among peoples who violently oppose Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.