Block Party – Clear Lakes
Sunday, June 23

God kept the rain away and we hosted a Block Party in the Clear Lakes area at the home of Scott & Cheryl Toles. On this second visit to the neighborhood, we renewed some acquaintances and met some new people. Everyone feasted on the beef brisket, hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon, cookies, and shaved ice.

What can we say: in addition to long lines for shaved ice, the water slide was full of excited, wet children all afternoon. We want to thank everyone who visited with us and also those from the church working and hosting.

Last Block Party of 2018

On Saturday, November 10, Doug and May Sandison hosted a Block Party for nearby residents of Yantis! We had a wonderful time meeting new people, playing games, eating, and enjoying the fellowship. And, winners at Cornhole and Dominoes were awarded trophies! You mentioned food! The brisket, beans, and potato salad were all tasty along with the various desserts. And, we enjoyed the outreach and ministry opportunity.


Thanks to everyone who helped us with preparations for the Block Party…and a special “Thank You” for those who were able to attend. We look forward to seeing you at a Block Party in 2019!


Block Party - Holiday Villages at Lake Ford - October 21, 2018

On Sunday afternoon, October 21, we (along with hostess Donna Benefield) traveled a little north to Holiday Villages at Lake Fork for a Block Party! We were able to meet a lot of new people and share a meal of loaded baked potatoes (butter, cheese, onions, bacon bits, sloppy joes, chicken, and broccoli) with a variety of cookies for dessert. Games, both inside and outside, were available…and an unexpected one of rolling down the hill.


We thank all of the staff and residents at Holiday Villages for their support, providing the Clubhouse, promoting the event, and making us feel so welcome!

Block Party - Clear Lakes - June 24, 2018

Rather than our regular Sunday Evening service, we hosted a Block Party in the Clear Lakes area at the home of Scott & Cheryl Toles. After mailing an invitation to all in the neighborhood and following up by knocking on doors on Saturday, we had a wonderful turnout! We didn’t officially count the visitors but estimate between 80 – 100 people of all ages showed up. Everyone feasted on the beef brisket, hot dogs, potato chips, and snow cones. And lots of people enjoyed the games (horse shoes, washers, cornhole) and especially the water slide! Oh, and we had great fellowship, meeting a lot of new people!