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Fire Bibles for Teen/Life Challenge

Fire Bibles Packed and Shipped

During the Thanksgiving/Christmas season of 2016, the Lord moved on the heart of one of the ladies at First Assembly of God to buy Fire Bibles for Teen/Life Challenge in Desoto, TX. The goal was to raise sufficient funds to purchase enough Bibles so that each student would receive one at a certain milestone in the program. To raise the funds, this servant of God, along with several others who caught the vision, baked and sold predominantly Pumpkin Rolls and Red Velvet Rolls. God moved in such a miraculous way that all goals were exceeded. Sales of the baked products totaled $1,969.23 and an additional $165 was provided for a total of $2,134.23.  That resulted in sufficient funds to send 52 Fire Bibles to Teen/Life Challenge in Desoto, TX. One of the students responded to the gift, saying “Shout out to Justin and his wonderful family for blessing us with some new Fire Bible’s to study even more into God’s Word.  I know God ordained this blessing to happen, and God gets all the glory.”

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